Past Presidents and Notable History

The Southern Historical Collection at the Louis Round Wilson Special Collections Library at UNC Chapel Hill maintains the ANCHASL archives from 1982-2006. For more information on this, view the Library's listing.

ANCHASL Presidents Year
Leslie Mackler 1983-84
Pat Thibodeau 1984-85
Marjory Waite 1985-86
Ann Stringfield 1986-87
Betsy Adams 1987-88
Mary J. Peck 1988-89
*Jane Lambremont 1989-90
Susan Speer 1990-91
Barbara Wright 1991-92
Margaret Cobb 1992-93
Joan Crouze 1993-94
*Karen Bledsoe 1994-95
Beverly Murphy 1995-96
Dale Bartle Riordan 1996-97
Diane McKenzie 1997-98
Russett Hambrick 1998-99
Betsy Adams 1999-00
+Janet Bangma 2000-01
Monique Mackey 2001-02
Karen Martinez 2002-03
Melanie Norton 2003-04
*Linda Frank 2004-05
Margie Furr 2005-06
Robert James 2006-07
Monique Mackey 2007-08
Rosa Edwards 2008-09
Kristine Alpi 2009-10
Mary Beth Schell 2010-11
Karen Grigg 2011-12
Terri Ottosen 2012-13
Katie Zybeck 2013-14
Christie Silbajoris 2014-15
Emily Vardell 2015-16
Jennifer Walker 2016-17
Lisa Kilburn 2017-18
+ = elected, but did not serve
* = deceased

Notable Dates in Early ANCHASL History
January 25, 1982 Date of letter written by Sam Hitt of UNC-Chapel Hill Health Sciences Library, suggesting need for an organization of N.C. health science libraries.
May 7, 1982 Meeting at Moses Cone Hospital in Greensboro at which need for organization was debated and approved.  Ad Hoc Planning Committee created.
September 29, 1982 All membership meeting held at Forsyth Memorial Hospital in Winston-Salem.
November 4, 1982 and January 14, 1983 Ad Hoc Planning Committee meetings.
May 11, 1983 All membership meeting in Hickory at Catawba Memorial Hospital.

(Information retrieved in 2007 by Mira Waller, ANCHASL Archivist, during planning for 25th Anniversary celebration)