ANCHASL Business Meeting

East Carolina University

Laupus Library

Greenville, NC

September 16, 2011

President, Mary Beth Schell called the meeting to order at 12:30 pm.

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting: The minutes of Business Meeting that was held on April 26, 2011 were approved and seconded.

Treasurer’s Report: Susan Hardee -  Ms. Hardee distributed and went over the report.  

Election of New Officers: Deniz Ender – Ms. Ender reported that of the 52 members, 38 voded and 14 did not respond.  Terri Ottosen is elected as the new President – Elect and Susan Hardee as the Treasurer.  Group welcomed both officers.

Committee Reports

Scholarship: Carol Vreeland – Scholarship Award Recipient was welcomed to the meeting by Ms. Vreeland.  The recipient of this award is Melanie Sorrell from Rex Healthcare Library. Ms. Vreeland reported that all available funding for scholarship is used.  Ms. Vreeland distributed written report and shared the comments and experiences of Jennifer Walker, the recipient of the previous award winner.  

                Membership: Susan Keesee- Ms.Keesee reported that 29 people registered for the Fall meeting.  As of September 2011, there are 55 members in ANCHASL.  The Membership Committee will be chaired by Katie Zybeck.

Ms. Keesee reminded everyone about the reception at MAC/MLA meeting in Richmond, VA.  

            CE Committee: Leila Ledbetter, Karen Grigg - Ms. Ledbetter shared the committee report with the members.  She thanked everyone who helped with the coordination of the Fall meeting at East Carolina University Laupus Library.  EBSCO generously sponsored the breakfast for the meeting.  

Ms. Ledbetter reported that Lara Sapp at Wake Forest University School of Medicine Library will Chair the CE Committee and work with incoming President to plan the Spring meeting.  She also mentioned that the spring meeting is planned to be held in the Western part of the state.  

Nominating Committee: Mary Beth Schell – Ms. Shell thanked the members of Nominating Committee, Kris Alpi (Chair), Karen Martines and Monique Mackey,  for the great work they have done.  

PR Committee Updates: Mary Beth Schell -   Ms. Schell announced that Shamella Cromartie will Chair the PR Committee.  

New Business

Café Press: Kris Alpi – Ms. Alpi demonstrated the t-shirt with new ANCHASL logo.  She shared that the account with Café Press is set.  Marketing items can be purchased from the website.  

Ms. Schell thanked all officers and distributed their certificates.  

Introduction of New President: Mary Beth Schell – Ms. Schell introduced Karen Grigg as the new President.  

Ms. Grigg adjourned the meeting at 12:45 pm.    

Respectfully submitted by Deniz Ender
September 2011