ANCHASL Business Meeting

Duke Medical Center, Health Sciences Library

Durham, NC

April 29, 2011

President, Mary Beth Shell called the meeting to order at 12:15 pm

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting- The minutes of Business Meeting that was held on October 14, 2010 were approved and seconded.

Treasurer’s Report- Susan Hardee.  Ms. Hardee distributed and went over the report.  

Committee Reports

Scholarship – Carol Vreeland – Scholarship Award Recipient was welcomed to the meeting by Ms. Vreeland.  The recipient of this award is Jennifer Walker from ECU Laupus Library. Ms. Vreeland distributed written report and shared the comments and experiences of previous award winners.  

                Membership- Susan Keesee- Ms.Keesee reported that all of the seven new members were present at the Spring Meeting.  As of April 27, 2011, there are 41 members, 34 renewals, 7 new members including 2 new students.

                CE Committee: Leila Ledbetter- Ms. Ledbetter shared the committee report with the members.  She also mentioned that 35 people attended the Spring meeting. ANCHASL is planning to hold their Fall meeting at ECU Laupus Library in Greenville, NC on Friday, September 16, 2011.  The topic will be related to innovative space solution.  Proposed title of the meeting is: What happens to library as place when you are losing space?

Nominating Committee: Kris Alpi- On behalf of the ANCHASL Nominating Committee: Kristine Alpi, Chair; Karen Martinez; Monique Mackey. Ms. Alpe invited nominations for ANCHASL Officers for 2011-12.  Self-nominations are encouraged as well.  Interested individuals need to contact Chair of Nominating Committee by July 15, 2011. The positions available are:

President-Elect  (3 years, 1 each as President-Elect, President and Past-President)

Treasurer (2 years)

Descriptions of the duties of these positions are available in the Policies and Procedures manual online linked from the Archives page at

She encouraged members to volunteer in serving in any of the committees. Interested members can contact President Mary Beth Schell or the committee chair (

Old business

Logo contest- Kris Alpi - Ms. Alpi shared the bio of the winning artist from the ANCHASL logo contest, Mitzi Glazier

Mitzi is a graphic designer and has been working for Rex Healthcare in Raleigh, NC for 30 years, the last 12 in the graphics/web field.  She heard about the logo contest from Deniz Ender.  She lives in Roxboro, NC with her husband Marty and their crazy parrot, Gypsy and she does freelance graphics work there for several businesses, churches and the community college. She said “I am always interested in branching out and learning new skills, my latest challenge is learning to paint and create art with a paintbrush instead of a computer mouse.”

Mitzi will receive a $100 award and a free one year ANCHASL membership which she has generously deeded to Deniz Ender.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:40 pm.  

Respectfully submitted by Deniz Ender

May 2011